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Our passion for selling originated in 2011. As a hobby, our founder, Joe (that's me), started buying and selling items from flea markets, yard sales, estate sales, and other various sourcing places. I have bought and sold just about anything you can think of. Cars, Boats, Fine China, Jewelry, Home Decor, New and Vintage Electronics, LPs, Fine Art, Clothing, a Helicopter, yes, you read that right! I sold a 75% built helicopter kit. The amount of research I have done on all the items I have sold over the years has allowed me to quickly identify and appraise items for their fair market value. 

Then, in 2021, our passion was turned into a full-time business assisting and helping others. B&B Estate Sales started when a close friend asked if we could sell an entire home's contents of a late relative. The three-story house was packed with stuff. It was an overwhelming task, but we happily agreed. With 13 years of experience buying and selling almost everything under the sun, we helped our friend raise more revenue than he could have imagined. My friend entered that sale thinking he had little value in his late relative's items. That all changed when I peeled off a $0.25 sticker he had placed on an electronic and replaced it with an $800 sticker; his first words were, "No way someone will pay that much." Well, guess what, it sold for $750! That is why it's important that you hire someone who truly knows the value of your items. Contact us today to see how we can help you, too! 

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Proud Member of the American Society of Estate Liquidators.

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