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Contact us to discuss your needs

Whether moving, downsizing, dealing with a recently lost loved one, experiencing debt, or separating from someone else, we can help you liquidate the items you no longer want or need.

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Schedule a free evaluation

A management team member will schedule a meeting with you to visit the home. This meeting aims to determine whether you are eligible to host a sale. We will discuss eligibility in step 3. Other options may be available if you need more to host a sale.

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Home visit

During our visit, we assess the items offered for sale to ensure a successful sale. In most cases, our fees are deducted from the sale proceeds, which means you have no upfront cost. Each sale is unique and varies based on the services needed. Eligibility is determined by the items being sold and whether those items can cover the services and cost you requested. This approach will help earn you money instead of paying out of pocket for our services.

Fists in Solidarity


Schedule your sale!

After we have mutually determined the needs of your sale, all that's left to do is schedule it! We will email you a no-obligation contract to review. The contract will re-cap all the services requested, fees, and sale dates. Once completed, a member of our management team will stay in touch.

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Staging & Pricing

Our team will prep your home for the sale. All items will be neatly displayed and priced according to fair market value. Unique, one-of-a-kind items may require outside evaluation. We cover any costs associated with outside assessment. Permits (if applicable), advertising, staging, and pricing are all handled by us. Before the start of the sale, you will receive an email with a link to a live sales report. You can view the items that sell and how much they sell for in real time as the sale is happening! None of our competitors are currently doing this. The other guys will show you a sales report of the items sold afterward.

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Sale Day(s)

Typically, there are lines of folks waiting to buy your items on sale day. We will manage the number of people allowed in your home or business with numbers or a list. Our experienced staff will help customers find what they are looking for and even help them load the items in their vehicles. When the sale is completed, we will clean up our supplies and review the sales figures with you. Once completed, you will be issued a check. Optional services such as clean-outs and donation drop-offs are available. We may also take items on consignment with your written permission.

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